How to repair a tv screen

How To Repair A Cracked TV Screen #

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If your TV screen is damaged or broken, there are a few steps to take to decide how to get it fixed.

Repairing a cracked TV screen more specifically entails further attention as it is considered severe damage. In most cases, this calls for replacing the TV screen itself, but it must be noted that this is where it can get pricey.

General Overview #

What causes damage to a TV screen? #

In terms of the damage that can occur to a TV screen, this is categorised depending on the causes and severity of the damage. Differing from case to case, it is suggested to visually assess the damaged screen and then proceed to call the professionals before touching, moving or fiddling with the TV.

In general, damage can be caused in a variety of different ways:

  • Extreme temperature changes (heat/cold)
  • High humidity levels and moisture
  • Spraying cleaning products directly onto the screen
  • The impact of an object cracking or scratching the screen
  • Bending of the TV screen when moving it
  • Pressure from holding the screen when moving it

Can a cracked TV screen be fixed? #

A cracked TV screen can be repaired or replaced by trained professionals. Due to a cracked screen being the most ‘intense’ type of damage, this would need to be assessed by a technician and conducted accordingly.

TV screens can be easily damaged and, due to their design, are somewhat fragile and delicate. Because of this, a cracked TV screen is a common repair and entails in-depth care.

Depending on the severity of the damage, the screen could potentially need to be replaced. However, this can end up costing the same amount as buying a brand new TV to replace the damaged one in question. This would need to be judged case to case, but it could be recommended to proceed with simply investing in a new TV instead of paying the same amount for a new screen alone.

Is it worth repairing a cracked TV screen? #

As far as TV screen repairs go, a cracked screen warrants the highest cost due to the technicality of the repair. It would be worth repairing your TV if the repair costs are significantly lower than the price of a new TV.

What causes damage to a TV screen?

The Breakdown #

Why TV screens cost so much #

The price of TV screens can seem crazy when you look at how much a replacement screen would end up costing. The price is due to the intricate design and complex manufacturing of TV screens, as well as added costs such as shipping, profits and taxes.

A crack in the screen might seem minor; however, the entire lattice that allows the screen to function could be severely compromised. This will differ in severity from case to case, but in general, a cracked screen warrants a high fee to repair because of the complexity behind it.

Does my warranty cover a broken TV screen? #

Generally, a warranty does not cover a cracked or broken TV screen due to the costs of the potential repairs. Repairing a cracked screen involves altering the damaged lattice of the screen itself. This is more invasive than repairing a surface-level scratch, for example, and so it would be too expensive for a warranty to cover.

Most warranties cover damages such as discolouration, screen imperfections, some lines, dots and streaking; however, this would have to be noticed within the stated period of time. Most of the TV warranties out there are likely in place for a year after purchase and should cover most manufacturing defects as stated.

Depending on the severity of the damage, it could work out cheaper to replace the TV instead of repairing the screen. A technician would determine this upon assessing the damages, after which the client would have to weigh up the options.

What To Do #

Even with the best care and upkeep, things can happen that are out of our control, such as damage to our home appliances. It is recommended to assess the situation before jumping to conclusions on what to do, as this can sometimes worsen certain damages.

First, visually look at what seems to be wrong and take it from there. As mentioned, refrain from touching and fiddling with the broken appliance, as this can worsen things.

Next, get in touch with a trusted repair service provider and leave the rest up to the professionals. This will ensure the best care, repairing and handling of the case, which will save you time & money in the long run.

MasterCare Appliance Repairs #

If you are currently dealing with a cracked TV screen and are looking to get it repaired, contact us and one of our trained staff will get back to you. You can also check out MasterCare’s Maintenance Policies to cover all your appliance repair needs with one easy plan to fit your needs.

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