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Washing Machine Repairs

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Types of Washing Machine Repairs

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How to Repair Your Washing Machine - MasterCare's Ultimate Washing Machine Repair Guide

MasterCare is a household name for appliance repairs in South Africa. We’ve been covering homes for 40 years, and we’re still going strong! 

Since we’re the experts in all things appliance repair, we’ve put together the Ultimate Washing Repair Guide so that you can get the answers to all your burning questions. 

Before you book a call to us for washing machine repairs, there are some troubleshooting options you can try first.

Troubleshooting: Washer Machine Repairs

Get your electronics and appliances repaired quickly with our simplified service process.


Fixing a Washing Machine That Will Not Agitate

An agitator is the component that moves clothing through the machine, allowing the water and washing detergent to clean throughout a cycle. Depending on the model of the washing machine, the agitator may be a single unit or consist of two components for dual-action.

A few different issues can cause damage to this unit. In the case of a damaged agitator, it would be best to have a professional come and have a look to conclude what the appliance repair would entail.

Typical causes are:

  • A broken agitator
  • A faulty agitator directional clogs
  • A faulty drive motor
  • A faulty lid switch, selector switch or water level switch
  • A transmission failure
  • The drive belt, drive motor, or agitator need replacing
  • A timer failure


Fixing a Washing Machine That Will Not Spin

The spinning motion of a washing machine is crucial in the cleaning process as it allows the clothing in the drum to move and get cleaned. Besides spinning during the washing stage, the spin function allows for the water to be drained from the load once cleaned. If your washing machine is not spinning, it can be an indication of other issues. First attempt basic troubleshooting through a quick look around, which can fix more simple causes.

Ensure that:

  • The load is evenly balanced in distribution
  • The door is closed correctly
  • Any water from a previous cycle has drained correctly
  • The right amount of detergent is used
  • There is no obvious technical error
  • There is no damage to the drive belt


Fixing a Washing Machine That Will Not Start

If your washing machine is not starting, it could come down to a couple of reasons. You can test these yourself or have a professional come in to check.

Common causes:

  • A faulty plug point
  • The power cable is not plugged in
  • The machine needs to be reset or turned on/off again
  • The machine is tripping the circuit breaker
  • The start of a cycle has been delayed
  • The machine is locked
  • The power cable is damaged


Fixing a Washing Machine That Makes Loud Noises

When working correctly, a washing machine should not be making loud noises when in use. This can be caused by some parts having come loose or become worn from use over time. Luckily if caught early, this issue can be fixed easily and will not lead to further damage being caused. However, if left to worsen, the damage can eventually become irreparable.

One of the first troubleshooting steps would be to identify when the washing machine is making loud noises. After this, try seeing if any foreign objects may have gotten lodged between the tub and the drum of your washer. This could be causing the resistance and noise in question, usually from coins, buttons or metal bra wires that have come undone during a cycle.

If there is no obvious reason for the unusual noise being produced, it may be time to call in the professionals to identify a deeper issue and schedule a machine repair. To avoid further damage, make sure to do so as soon as possible to prevent any other problems or damage from setting in.


Fixing a Washing Machine That Doesn't Clean Clothes

If you notice that your appliance is not cleaning clothing properly load after load, it can result from human error or damage that needs to be repaired. This could come down to your washer not draining the water properly or needing to be cleaned.

Common causes of the issue:

  • The machine is programmed to the wrong setting or cycle
  • The machine is overloaded
  • The machine itself is dirty or clogged
  • The drainage is blocked
  • There is an obstruction in the filter or drain pump


Time To Call The Professionals?

After taking the DIY route of troubleshooting and checking any issues yourself, your washing machine might still be giving you problems. In this case, it is time to get the experts in to have a look and find the best solution for you. Get in touch today to get a value-for-money quote on washing machine repairs or any other appliance repairs you need, and let our qualified technicians do the rest.

Our Client Testimonials

From refrigerators and washing machines to entertainment, smart-media and home-office devices, our specialised team are dedicated to restoring your peace of mind.

I will be failing in my duty as a very satisfied MasterCare client if I do not bring the following to your attention. I have been a client of MasterCare for many, many years and have had reason to call in on occasions. Your lady Priscilla Makumane took it to a much higher level when I called in on Monday 2 Sept. What a sweet lady. Not only did she go into detail to explain the various options I have but went the extra ten miles to send me details of your "Pick Your Plan". Thank you, Priscilla. You are a STAR and a real asset to your company.
Freddy Williams
Happy Customer

"Cynthia was so professional and caring regarding my service request. Johan, the workshop manager, was awesome too. Thank you to the great team for this service excellence. I am a proud Mastercare Customer."
Anwar Kader
Sun International, Johannesburg

“Thank you so much, Doreen, for your help with our Whirlpool machine. It is now working perfectly. You have been a great help and we appreciate all the calls you gave us with status updates and for doing such proper testing on the machine before sending it back to us. Brilliant service excellence!”
CJ Viljoen
Happy Customer

“Thanks for the assistance in repairing our washing machine. Your work was great and you didn’t give up till you resolved the problem. Thank you to Wisdom and his colleague. Great job done.”
Adele Prinsloo
Happy Customer

“Just a note of thanks and great appreciation. Master care has surprised me beyond expectation. Since logging this call, throughout the service period, it’s been smooth and timeous. Great job, team. Add me to your list of happy, satisfied clients.”
Caroline Hendricks
Happy Customer

"Mpho tested the stove and fixed the problem in about 10 minutes. Thanks to Mpho for his fantastic service as usual. He is always cheerful, efficient and he has never let me down."
Peter Attwell
Happy Customer

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth repairing my washing machine?

If the repairs in question would end up costing more than 50% of the cost of replacing the washing machine entirely, it is recommended to go ahead with getting a new appliance.

How much does it cost to repair a broken washing machine?

This comes down to the specific repair that needs to be quoted and, in turn, varies from case to case. Consider opting for MasterCare's Maintenance Policies for a cost-effective & long-term solution to cover all your appliance repair needs.

How long should a washing machine last?

Typically washing machines last a good ten years; however, depending on the brand of the appliance and its use, this will vary.

How often do I need to repair my washing machine?

In terms of a timeline of how often to repair your washing machine, it depends on the extent and frequency of use and the age, brand and durability of the washing machine. Warranties and lifetimes vary depending on the makes and models of washing machines out there.

What causes damage to a washing machine?

Forgetting to take out loose items such as keys, coins, and buttons can result in damage long-term. Using the wrong settings and detergents can also create issues with the appliance.

Can a washing machine be repaired?

Your appliance can be repaired by a professional depending on the extent of the issue at hand. The required machine repair will be specific to each case. Our technicians will provide the best service to make sure your repair needs are not only met but surpassed!

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