What happens when I request a repair?

all us on 087 543 6065, give us your details and we will log a job on your behalf, or log a job online at

Over the phone, we will schedule an appointment to come to your house and assess the faulty household appliance or electronic item.

We will then send you an email/SMS to confirm the details of the appointment – this will include the date, time, place and the name of the technician doing your assessment.

A friendly technician will arrive at your premises dressed in a black MasterCare golf shirt and wearing an ID tag to help you to easily identify him. He will arrive in a MasterCare branded van or bakkie.

Once your major household appliance or electronic device is assessed we will begin the process of sourcing and receiving your spare parts.

Should the technician NOT be able to effect a repair on this first call, a new appointment will need to be booked to collect and repair your appliance or electronic item. All the relevant details will be discussed and agreed with you over the phone.

The technician will again arrive at your door in his MasterCare-branded uniform and vehicle so you can easily identify him.

Once the job is complete, check that your major household appliance or electronic item is working to your satisfaction, and sign it off to confirm that you are satisfied.

  • Are you looking for a way to proactively maintain the lifespan of your major household appliances and electronics? Give us a Call on 087 803 9800 for more information or sign up for the maintenance plan on our website!
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