How do I update my items list?

Why do I need to update my item list?

It is absolutely essential that you ensure that your Appliance/ Electronics item list is always up to date. If your MasterCare CarePlan list does not include an item that you now want to claim a repair for, we will not be able to repair the item.

On the Pro, Pro+, Premium and Black MasterCare CarePlans, you may add more items to the allowed number of items covered, for a small fee of R27.50 per item per month.

If you have sold your appliances, given them away or thrown them away, please call us on 087 543 6065 and one of our friendly consultants will assist you in removing them from your list.

When you acquire a new appliance, you will need to call us on 087 803 9800, so that we can assist you in adding the new item to your list.

Laptop or desktop devices may be added to any MasterCare CarePlan items lists for R105 per item per month.

Gaming Consoles may be added only to Pro, Pro +, Premium and Black MasterCare CarePlan items lists. You may add only one gaming console per account. Your spares limit for your gaming console is the same as that of the spares limit indicated on your MasterCare CarePlan.

How to update my items list?

We need to confirm any changes to your premium on a recorded line to ensure you are protected, so please call us on 087 803 9800 and one of our friendly consultants will walk you through the adding or removal process.

Terms & Conditions of my contract with MasterCare To view the terms and conditions of your contract please visit

Cancelling my account

If you would like to make a request to cancel your account, please put your request in writing and send it to

Once received, we will review your account to ensure your request complies with MasterCare’s Terms and Conditions. You will then be contacted by one of our Customer Care consultants to confirm compliance, and thereafter we will cancel your contract. There will be a 30-day notice period, effective from the date of your request to cancel.

It is crucial to note that we can only cancel an account after 6 claim-free months. If you wish to cancel your account and have had a claim/repair in the last 6 months, you can either pay the balance of 6-months’ premiums upfront (within the terms and conditions of your contract), or you can wait until your 6-month period is up in order to place your request to cancel with us.

Please note that if you have cancelled your account and are serving a 30-day notice period, you cannot claim from your account during this time; if you absolutely need to, you will then have to wait until 6 claim-free months have passed before putting in a new request to cancel. In order to avoid prolonging the cancellation process, please carefully read the terms and conditions of your contract at

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