What’s the right way to move my fridge?

When it’s time to move your fridge, follow these steps to avoid damaging your appliance.

  • Step1: Clean the fridge and freezer sections. Remove all food items from the fridge and place them into a plastic container for the duration of the move.
  • Step 2: Switch off and unplug your fridge.
  • Step 3: If your fridge has an icemaker and water filter, be sure to disconnect these following the instructions in the user’s manual.
  • Step 4: Protect your cable by rolling it up and taping it to the back of the fridge.
  • Step 5: Remove the refrigerator doors as per the user’s manual instructions or secure them closed by using a bungee cord or rope. Keep all screws and loose pieces together in a zip lock bag.
  • Step 6: Wrap the exterior of the fridge in moving blankets or bubble wrap to prevent dings and scratches.
  • Step 7: Make sure you have enough help and be very careful when it comes to lifting the fridge onto the dolly cart. Your fridge must remain upright for the entire duration of the move.
  • Step 8: Once it has been moved to the truck, ensure that there are enough helpers to lift the fridge gently onto the truck, keeping it upright at all times. Once it is on the truck, secure it in place with a bungee rope. Drive slowly during transit.
  • Step 9: Once your fridge has arrived at its new location, carefully remove the bungee rope and gently lower it off the truck onto the dolly. (Make use of the helping hands here too).
  • Step 10: Once positioned inside, wait a couple of hours before you plug it back in. If for any reason the fridge was placed on its side, make sure you keep it upright for twice as long as it was on its side before you plug it back in. This is to allow the gas to resettle.
  • Step 11: Once you plug it back in, wait the amount of time recommended by the manufacturer before you add food. This can be from 24-72 hours.
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