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CarePlans provide you with the security of knowing that, by paying a small premium each month, should stipulated items break, they can be repaired without incurring repair costs that you haven’t budgeted for.
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The leading name in appliance repairs and maintenance.

MasterCare is the leading name in home appliance repairs and maintenance. Our technicians do repairs to strictly controlled standards, whether it is in our customer's home, or in-store in one of our nationwide service centres and franchises. We do repairs on all major household appliances, including fridges, freezers, washing machines, tumble driers, microwaves, dishwashers, televisions, home theatre sytems, DVD players, Hi-fi systems, CD players. We also do technical advanced repairs, including digital cameras, video cameras, LCDs, LEDs and plasma televisions, rear projection televisions. MasterCare stores receive ‘walk-in’ customers and dispatch technicians to handle repairs in-home, both handled with unwavering adherence to strictly controlled standards to a range of services. These services encompass installation, services and repairs to Home Appliances, servicing the retail trade in and out of warranty period, end-user maintenance care plans and including value-added products to leading brands and retail chains. MasterCare is one of the preferred suppliers for the warranty commitments of leading brands like Sansui, Connoisseur, Teac, Kenwood and Sherwood. MasterCare also fulfils extended warranties for Jost Appliances and the JD Group, which includes Russells, Morkels, Joshua Door, Barnett’s and Hi-Fi Corporation.


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